Changing the Wording of "Submitted by" for Drupal Pages

I've found myself wanting to change the wording of "Submitted By" in a drupal blog and pages for a church site. When you only have one or two authors and the primary point of the site isn't blogging or writing, then "submitted" seems like a somewhat awkward term. Changing this is really quite simple. Here's a quick tutorial.

  1. The first thing you'll want to do is turn on the Theme Developer module. It is one of the ones in the Dev Module.
  2. Then click the little button in the lower-left to activate it.
  3. Select "Submitted by" and check out the dark grey box that appears. You'll notice that it identifies a function that is providing this. It also identifies a number of other function names it looks for to provide this.
  4. You should click on that to take you to a Drupal site that will show you the function.
  5. Copy this function into your own theme's template.php file. This is a hook so rename the first part of the function to the name of your theme. The function name will look something like themename_node_submitted(). It should be one of the candidates in the grey box you originally found the first function name in.
  6. Inside the code you pasted into template.php, you'll notice the words "Submitted by". Simply change that to your preferred wording. Mine was "Written by".
  7. Then you just need get drupal to recognize this new function by emptying your cache by going to the Admin-> Site Configuration -> Performance page.