A Church Drupal Installation Profile

I've been thinking an Installation Profile for churches would not only be helpful to me, but also many others so I spent some time yesterday playing around with the idea and made some progress. I haven't figured everything out, but I started with the phpedu_profile-6.x-1.1-beta1. (As you can see my efforts are directed at Drupal 6.) phpedu_profile was far more complicated than I expect to need so I cut out a lot, most of it even. Then I exported content types from a church site I've done and used their code to import. I also have views, but haven't yet figured out how to import them. Maybe in that case it would be as simple as using include(). Also, an example of creating a taxonomy in the installation profile exists in the .profile file.

Anyway, I haven't tested any of it to see if it actually installs. I'm sure it doesn't, but I offer it up as a starting point to see what I was thinking if nothing else. I was inspired to share it because just today another person posted an interested in nearly the same idea using a very similar approach on the Drupal Churches group. Anyway, find the installation profile zipped and attached.

Another thought I've had is that building an extremely basic zen theme to go along with the profile would be nice to help show the organization in a more churchy way.

Edit: I've added a second version which I tested enough to be sure it actually can install, but the content types are not being added. I'm including both so you can diff it and learn from my mistakes if you like.

Church Install Profile Alpha 119.91 KB
Church Install Profile Alpha 219.98 KB