Drupal 5 to 6 duplicate entry problem

I moved one of my last sites over here to my new hosting environment. This is probably my oldest. It's been around since some time in the Drupal 4 series, at least 3 years.

When I moved it here I upgraded it to Drupal 6 from 5.7. This created some problems that resulted in not being able to make comments as well as other issues that boiled down to minor problems with the database causing big problems.

Here is an example error message we received from the watchdog module. The comment module provided something similar.

user warning: Duplicate entry '0' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO watchdog (uid, type, message, variables, severity, link, location, referer, hostname, timestamp) VALUES (24, 'user', 'Session opened for %name.', 'a:1:{s:5:\"%name\";s:2:\"Ed\";}', 5, '', 'http://site.com/node/353?destination=node%2F353', 'http://site.com/node/353', '', 1215526129) in /home/user/public_html/modules/dblog/dblog.module on line 144.

It turned out that these database tables simply didn't have auto_increment set. In Drupal 6, the developers changed the way they handle the incrementing of the record IDs. They are using the database feature to handle it now instead of doing it themselves in the code.

The resolution to this was a couple of simple SQL commands to turn on auto_increment where it was needed. Here they are.

alter table comments modify cid int(10) auto_increment;
alter table watchdog modify wid int(5) auto_increment;

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I'm having this problem with my mailchimp table insertions. It did not have the auto-increment on, so I added it to the nid column. Upon a retest I'm still having the problem. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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The nid column in your mailchimp table probably should not auto increment. I don't use mailchimp so can't say for sure, but the nid is probably a reference to the node that is stored in another table where it would auto increment there instead of in the mailchimp table. There may be another column that indicates a unique record in mailchimp's records.

I received this question

I received this question through my contact form, but the email address is bad so let me bring it out here.
"Just quick question. When you say "where it was needed" in this post what do you mean? Where is "where it was needed"? I am kind of new to Drupal but am comign along nicely but I have no idea where to start with this one?"

My answer:
Where it was needed means the columns that require auto increment. In the SQL commands above you see, 'cid' and 'wid' as the column names. These had to be turned into auto_increment enabled columns. These commands do exactly that.


Yeah indeed it is true that the author has been revolving around drupal old version for quite some time. Even though I have done the up gradation from 5 to 6. I have encountered the same error message while upgrading to the newer version.
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