Drupal Offline Theme

Something not often considered when creating a small drupal site is the offline theme. I spent some time today figuring out how to make my own offline theme so that when I take a site offline, it isn't given the typical blue theme that has become a cliche in drupal world. I tried to also give it a bit of a "working hard" look to communicate to people that this is a good thing. Here's hoping brown plaid and tools say "quality work" to other people.

I'm calling it 'offline' because I'm real creative. It is not the same as the offline theme in drupal contrib. That was created by mortendk. Both are very simple and both are probably a decent template for your own offline theme.

Feel free to download and mess with it however you like for your own purposes.

The "offline theme" feature doesn't have a user interface so you have to make some feature adjustments in your sites setting.php file. I intend to do this in my settings.php file that I use to copy over to new sites so I don't have to think about it. Documentation on this can be found here.