Getting Started

So it appears that this contracting thing will be kicking off real soon. I enter the realm of IT contracting with confidence in my technical and support skills; however, I am a bit unsure of my business skills. I suppose this is how all new contractors feel.

As this is the path God has given, I'm confident that He will provide for and teach me along the way. May his wisdom go with each action taken in this endeavor.

My first visible task is getting this website filled with content to show off my skills, interest and overall usefulness. My intention is to assist churches with their technical needs for a reasonable fee and to be available when they need someone to step in.

I'd like to thank fellow contractor, and geek, Eric of OpenThought for his support in helping me get this thing on its feet. Eric also partners with me to provide website hosting space.

I've found web hosting companies frustrating in the past. Most don't seem to either have the time or knowledge to help me when I need it. They also aren't interested in giving me the access I need to solve problems. I'm much more comfortable in the hands of a guy I know to be very skilled and can trust to be around when I need him. Thanks Eric!