Making Content Creation More Friendly in Drupal

This is a super simple way to make adding content to a drupal site just a little bit more comfortable. If you've created a Content Type, then you know you have the opportunity to change the "Title" and "Description" field names. The first time I ran into this I had trouble figuring out why I'd change these. The more I get into Drupal I find more and more reasons to tweak this.

First, you might have an Image content type. This, of course, has some information about Images. For this scenario I'd do one of two things depending on the scenario. The Title field name would be changed "Caption" and then I'll either leave the "Description" field name blank which tells drupal to make it disappear or leave it as Description. This is a help to usability to give reasonable names, but that isn't really the meat of my tip.

It has been noted by some that the content type creation form doesn't always have an indicator as to which type of content is being created. This is may be themed out or you may just find your content creators need a little extra help because they miss that. Of course, if you know how to parse the URL, you can figure it out, but most won't know to even look at that. What I propose is that a Blog content type should have the Title field name set to "Blog Title" and the description set to "Blog Entry". This way the author has another couple visual cues to help quickly pick back up on what they are doing if their toddler comes running in with chocolate milk from head to toe right after they click the "Create Content -> Blog" link.

I've contemplated the idea of building the theme for a site so that each content type add/edit form is color-coded or a block with an image associated with that content type would appear in the sidebar when on the add/edit form. I suppose these could work also. I'd enjoy hearing from some usability experts about what could be done to improve this overall experience since Drupal sites can have a lot of Content Types sometimes.

I like my solution for now because it is quick, simple and hopefully the content creator won't even notice how much they like it, but like I said, I'm very open to your solutions to this. :-)