Mollom - The Bullet Proof Vest

I can remember the good old days when blog spammers were as bad or worse than email spammers. I've mananged to quelch the noise of my email spam through the Google's Email service. It's nice to hear myself think again when I open my inbox. Now I'm deluged mostly by stuff I ask for.

Protection from blog and web form spam has been another issue entirely. Things have come along, but they all have required my attention. I haven't been deleting thousands of comment spams a week on my blog for a long time, but the methods for protection were always a nasty necessity. I wanted my noble readers to be able to participate in the discussion immediately. Having to wait for me to wake up and realize that they have commented and then letting their comment through the net slowed thing downs in a fast world.

Mollom is helping to change that. Mollom is a super-intelligent big benevolent brother style web app. It checks every comment that comes to any place a user submits for a variety of things. Then grants permission for the submission or, in the event of potential spam submission, simply asks the user to submit a CAPTCHA to assert their humanity. A captcha would look something like this image.

All this means, the content on the site is pure, not diluted by the evils of this world. Pure, meaningful and trustworthy content means more activity from your visitors. If their experience in pleasant, not inhibited by spam checking devices or spent filtering spam themselves, they are much more likely to return.

I'm really pleased that this issue is finally finding a solution to clean up the mess without bothering me or slowing people down. So far, it has not only done better than I do at handling my comment form spam, it has been doing better than Gmail does at catching my email spam. :-)