Taking Drupal Mobile with Domain Module

I've been playing around with the idea of a mobile site for awhile now. This evening I've created the very basic beginning of JosiahRitchie.mobi. I used the Domain Access module for Drupal to create a second domain for JosiahRitchie.com that has the same content. Using the Domain Theme module that comes with Domain Access, I can then provide a handheld theme. My current one is pretty much the Zen STARTERKIT theme with a few things stripped out of the page.tpl.php. I'll look to improve it in the future. It seems to operate alright on my blackberry though I should be able to improve the experience dramatically. Theoretically, this could make things like blog entries from the road easier to write and also easier for me to reference the material I have on this site.

Anyway, try out the mobile site and let me know what needs to be improved. :-)