Using the official Drupal git repository

I'm excited, along with much of the Drupal community that we are converting from cvs to git. Since things are moving along and an official git repository for drupal actually exists I thought I'd document the process of taking advantage of this new tool. I'll assume that you, like me already have git installed have been using it to interact with other git repositories like the unofficial drupal ones on github. Thanks to dkl4 for putting some notes up on his website. This sped up the process a good bit.

git clone git://

Yeah, that's all you have to do. At this point it would probably be polite to share some other tips I've found useful though. :-)

## Tell git to ignore your list of things git should ignore :-)
echo .gitignore >> .gitignore

## <sarcasm>Wouldn't it be fun to share your db password with the world by mistake?</sarcasm>
echo settings.php >> .gitignore

## Choose you version of drupal to be working on.
git branch 7.x
git branch 6.x

Hope that's a good start. Have fun. :-)