Using Ubuntu OpenVPN client or Shimo's Mac OpenVPN client to Connect to Watchguard VPN

I found that when you first install the Watchguard VPN software on Mac, you can give it a bad config server name and it'll try to use the last previous config. This will then error out a pointer to the location it expect to find it.

Mine said that the config would be stored in "~/Library/WatchGuard/Mobile\ VPN/client.ovpn". Right along side that file would be the certificates needed for the connection.

Once you have this location, properly make a connection. This will download the Watchguard OpenVPN config to that location and you will then be able to use that config as a template to configure whatever other OpenVPN capable client you like. I've used this on both Linux and Mac using the Ubuntu's Network manager OpenVPN client and the Shimo VPN software for Mac.

It is worth noting that Shimo did not properly import the VPN config. I had to make some manual changes including making the connection a TCP instead of UDP connection. It looks like it would be pretty easy for someone to