Recent Favorites

Collaborative Entertainment and the Church

Our world is growing more actively creative. The younger generations growing up familiar with the tools that technology provides are excited about using them in new and interesting ways to express themselves. Participation in the entertainment is becoming a key part of entertainment. Television is going to be forced to adapt, but the church must also. With this high level of participation come the expectation of others to participate. How is your church going to participate in a collaborative entertainment to God's glory?

Here's a great video example of what participation means to the rising generation and the opportunity to share truth from the Bible in the middle of it.

Free Time... Everything is Changing!

This keynote speech by Clay Shirky argues that the collaborative nature of the Internet holds an important part of helping us move beyond the years we've spent nightly in front of the TV watching Gilligan's Island or The Simpson's.

Google Apps - Broadening the Servant Base

One of the things that I'm excited to share with potential clients is Google Apps. This free service from Google fits the church in a great way. It provides a collection of tools for ministry that address the needs of a largely volunteer and distributed "work force". Anyone with an Internet connection can have a church email account, calendar and collaborate on documents.

In the past, leading a church has meant a lot of work bringing people together. A lot of the burden has fallen to the central church staff, but the future holds something more collaborative.

Getting Started

So it appears that this contracting thing will be kicking off real soon. I enter the realm of IT contracting with confidence in my technical and support skills; however, I am a bit unsure of my business skills. I suppose this is how all new contractors feel.

As this is the path God has given, I'm confident that He will provide for and teach me along the way. May his wisdom go with each action taken in this endeavor.