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Arduino Project Video - Advanced Blinky Lights

I'm working on learning the Arduino, an electronics board with many interesting application for getting the physical world and the digital world to interact. It has been used to create interactive art, musical instruments, mass transit alerts, rc helicopters and super accurate espresso machines along with tons of other things. It has been used to take input from websites, streams of water, wii nunchucks and various items you might not expect.

For now, I'm just blinking lights and sounding alarms. I've given it three patterns for blinking 5 lights and am demonstrating the ability for me to instruct the arduino which pattern to use for the blinking. I'm also pointing out some other interesting things I stumbled on as I tinkered.

Arduino Project - Advanced Blinky Lights from Josiah Ritchie on Vimeo.

Going to DrupalCon 2008

Mollom - The Bullet Proof Vest

I can remember the good old days when blog spammers were as bad or worse than email spammers. I've mananged to quelch the noise of my email spam through the Google's Email service. It's nice to hear myself think again when I open my inbox. Now I'm deluged mostly by stuff I ask for.

Protection from blog and web form spam has been another issue entirely. Things have come along, but they all have required my attention. I haven't been deleting thousands of comment spams a week on my blog for a long time, but the methods for protection were always a nasty necessity. I wanted my noble readers to be able to participate in the discussion immediately. Having to wait for me to wake up and realize that they have commented and then letting their comment through the net slowed thing downs in a fast world.

Collaborative Entertainment and the Church

Our world is growing more actively creative. The younger generations growing up familiar with the tools that technology provides are excited about using them in new and interesting ways to express themselves. Participation in the entertainment is becoming a key part of entertainment. Television is going to be forced to adapt, but the church must also. With this high level of participation come the expectation of others to participate. How is your church going to participate in a collaborative entertainment to God's glory?

Here's a great video example of what participation means to the rising generation and the opportunity to share truth from the Bible in the middle of it.

Free Time... Everything is Changing!

This keynote speech by Clay Shirky argues that the collaborative nature of the Internet holds an important part of helping us move beyond the years we've spent nightly in front of the TV watching Gilligan's Island or The Simpson's.