The little things that can make life easier.

Arduino Project Video - Advanced Blinky Lights

I'm working on learning the Arduino, an electronics board with many interesting application for getting the physical world and the digital world to interact. It has been used to create interactive art, musical instruments, mass transit alerts, rc helicopters and super accurate espresso machines along with tons of other things. It has been used to take input from websites, streams of water, wii nunchucks and various items you might not expect.

For now, I'm just blinking lights and sounding alarms. I've given it three patterns for blinking 5 lights and am demonstrating the ability for me to instruct the arduino which pattern to use for the blinking. I'm also pointing out some other interesting things I stumbled on as I tinkered.

Arduino Project - Advanced Blinky Lights from Josiah Ritchie on Vimeo.

A Vote for Vi on the Blackberry

I've grown increasingly fond of my blackberry. I decided to upgrade my phone package for a variety of reasons. One was so that I could work on things related to this contracting job while on the road. In fact I'm writing this blog entry from my Blackberry.

One thing I haven't found yet is a sufficiently comfortable text editor. Yeah, this is a geeky request, but a truly simple yet fully featured text editor is a wonderful experience that can make life a little less annoying.