I found that when you first install the Watchguard VPN software on Mac, you can give it a bad config server name and it'll try to use the last previous config. This will then error out a pointer to the location it expect to find it.

Mine said that the config would be stored in "~/Library/WatchGuard/Mobile\ VPN/client.ovpn". Right along side that file would be the certificates needed for the connection.

Linux saves Mac and Windows from themselves

I had an interesting day yesterday. Circumstances led to a rush job at a clients house. I had to pull the backup data out of a Time Capsule from Time Machine backups without the Mac it backed up from and then restore these files to a Windows XP based machine.

In order to do the recovery I acquired another Mac to connect to the Time Capsule's Mac formatted partition and pulled the recovery out over the air. Due to the clutter on the disk, and not being able to use Time Machine, it took me awhile to find what I wanted. I pulled it down onto an external HD to transfer to the Windows machine. This HD turned out to be formatted for the Mac so windows couldn't read it.

No problem! I called my wife and asked her to drop off one of my Ubuntu Linux LiveCDs, booted into Linux, mounted the Mac partitioned External hard drive and the Windows NTFS partitioned internal hard drive and got busy moving things. I simply copied the files across. Linux became the glue and solved the problem quickly for my needs.

My wife reminded me of how frequently I need that Linux CD and encouraged me to keep one around. She knows right where I keep them because I ask for them somewhat regularly, so today I went out and purchased an 8Gb USB memory key to install this LiveCD on. It is a lot easier to carry around. I followed the directions provided by USB Pen Drive Linux called USB Ubuntu 8.04.1 Persistent install from Linux. They were very well written. I was so pleased with what they put out that I even spent some time checking out the websites for the ads on the site, hopefully giving something back to them.

I think my wife intends to see that a few of these disks end up in the glove compartment, just in case.