My Philosophy of Technology


One of the greatest indictments of technology has been its complexity. While promising to simplify our lives for the last 20 years, technology has increased our expectations of each other and increased the requirements of our knowledge. As our culture wakes up and realizes that technology has been training us to understand it rather than the other way around, the demands for simplified technology will only increase.

I specialize in researching you and your culture so that I can provide the tools that meet your expectations with little administrative overhead. The simple solution is the best solution in most cases.


While simplicity resolves many matters, technology isn't to the point where it can read our minds yet. Therefore, some level of understanding of the technology in question is needed by those who will use it effectively.

I've been training people to use computers in a variety of formats and through a variety of methods for over 10 years. I've helped people who are scared to touch a key on the computer as well as people who are now deeply involved in various areas of the computer industry. No matter how you feel about computers, I can help you make them work for you.


Computers are designed, built and used by humans. As a result, they have a tendency to be imperfect, like humans. If you depend on computers, you need someone on hand to help when the inevitable disaster occurs. Different levels of problems require different responses, sometimes a simple phone call is sufficient to resolve an issue, but sometimes you need someone at your desk. I can offer both these services and many in between.

Areas I Can Help

I'm happy to provide the following services to meet your organizations needs.

My Crucial 3

These three elements are critical to successfully serving you.