I am pleased to offer you these services. Other services may be available upon request; feel free to ask. If you simply don't know what you need, I'll be glad to work through that with you. Simply contact me.

Technical Support

Remote Computer Support

With your permission, I can see your computer screen and provide you with assistance in whatever task may be causing you trouble.

Phone Support

I have experience helping many people over the phone. I'll be glad to talk you through any technical problem.

Email Support

If you don't have time to be on the phone or work through a problem by remote computer support, I'll be glad to take requests by email.

Tech Strategy Planning

Technical Vision Assistance

I'm available to discuss how technology might be a part of your organization's future. Envisioning the future as it relates to technology can be difficult. I'd be glad to bring my experience, knowledge and insight of the technology industry to your organizations planning.

New Project Implementation

Our technician can provide assistance in rolling out new technology. If our technician is to be the lead on a project or take primary responsibility for a project, the hours spent in such roles will be charged above and beyond the package hours. If someone within the church understands the technology enough to lead such a project, it would be to the benefit of the church to consider placing them in the lead position.


The most successful training plans will combine a variety of methods for training spread over a period of time. This allows the trainee to become comfortable with certain concepts before building upon them. This also helps to avoid overwhelming training sessions.

Remote Training

Training in various technical task can be available through phone, email, and remote desktop support for a variety of needs

On-site Training

On-site Training can be the most effective and successful training option. When combined with

Internet Services

Website Hosting

I offer a hosting environment based on the Drupal open-source software to build your website. You will be able to have your own domain ( The software will be maintained by me, training will be provided by me and I will be available for support of the site. The development and design of the site may also go through me. This software can easily be transferred in the future to location of your choosing and supported by many individuals familiar with website development. Hosting will not be charged hourly, but instead be a base cost per month in addition to the package. All maintenance of the hosting environment will be included in this base cost of $5 per month. Website maintenance would be handled as described in the Website Maintenance portion of this site.

Website Usage Reports

Upon request, I can setup and begin providing professional website usage reports that will help you understand how your website is being used, how people find you and what opportunities exist to improve your exposure and reputation on the Internet.

Email and Calendar Sharing

We highly recommend Google Applications for Non-Profits as a tool to simplify and enhance the communication tools of a church. The regular version can also be a great tool for companies or even individuals. Google Apps brings the power of email and calendaring to you anywhere you have an internet connection. It also opens up opportunities to share a organization-wide calendar that can be simply maintained from any Internet connection that can be re-used on a website and easily integrated into calendar software like Outlook and iCal, keeping everyone more informed.

Areas I Can Help

I'm happy to provide the following services to meet your organizations needs.

My Crucial 3

These three elements are critical to successfully serving you.